Alvina's Journey 

with special guest

Matthew Tuton

Talofa Lava and G'day mate! My name is Alvina and this is my story. June 17 2017 I decided to make a change to become a healthier, happier person which meant no more KFC, no more smoking and time to hit the gym! My goal is to make this a Permanent Lifestyle Change so to help me lock this change in for life I have my personal trainer Matthew Tuton who is the driving force behind helping reinvent the new and improved Alvina v2.0. Fast forward one year later and I'm 20 kilos down, a NON smoker and recorded my very first podcast! Click below to listen to my story :) 

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EPisode 1

Vanessa Gordon  

10 minute plan to help cope with depression


Born in Papua New Guinea and raised in Hawaii, Vanessa Gordon is the only child of the late New Zealand cinematographer and story teller Chris Gordon. She is passionate about inspiring people from different parts of the pacific and
empowers others to raise awareness about important issues affecting women in the pacific. 

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Alvina's Journey 

with special guest

Matthew Tuton

We covered so much in this episode like what steps can you take to maintain your new lifestyle, motivation, the different phases I’m going through, what happens when Alvina goes on holiday, some of the fears I had in releasing those early boxing videos, technology, social media and that highlight reel! But my favorite one of all is the new word I learnt on this episode…  Hippocampus … let me say it again …

Hippocampus ….

Listen all the way to the end .. it will make sense to you then :)

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The Polynesian          Project


The Polynesian Project is an online transformation program designed for the Polynesian culture. TPP was born out of a desire to see our people achieve all they want out of life, and to impact our past, present and future generations. Having been in the fitness industry for 10 years combined, we noticed a lack of information out there for the Polynesian culture - the food we eat, the way we move and most importantly our mindset and cultural values/beliefs.

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EPisode 4


Dr Heena Akbar


In partnership with the Pasifika Women’s Alliance, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Pacific Island Reference Group Inc. (PIRG) & Diabetes Australia Dr Heena Akbar was awarded a PhD with her research on Diabetes 2 management among Pasifika women. In this episode we dive behind the scenes and explore her own personal journey leading up to finishing this amazing achievement.

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Lapi Mariner


Lapi Mariner is a prominent singer within the pacific who splits his year between singing at concerts and in the Pacific Islands, New Zealand and America where he plays some at some of the biggest hotels in Las Vegas. The Father of 2 began his journey a year ago with the desire to change and become a healthier, happier person. He joined the team at Brown Butterbean Motivation and has begun the journey of changing his mindset and bad eating habits.

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"We rise by lifting others" words that the Victorious team live and breathe by. It was so good to chat with Victor and Nesha about how it all began, standing out from the crowd and having your own flava. Their mission and what the future holds for Victorious, motivation and how to maintain it, social media and the massive part their support page plays on each individuals journey.

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EPisode 7

Victorious Health 

       & Fitness



I had a great chat today with Mia who is a very free thinker on our samoan belief and history system and I stress to you that these are his own opinions….. We have a look at the book called whispers and vanities, cannabilism, Christianity which is about samoan indigenous knowledge and religion. So our chat today comes at you from a very different angle, probably not very good if you have the kids with you as well.. sorrryyy

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Story time with Mia



 I’ve had such an eventful couple of months and in today's episode we take a look at cruise control, we talk about sudden shifts in mindset that occur through a shift in understanding, not through a change in circumstance and the highlight of my time so far was learning the importance that you cant control what happens around you, but you can control you. I really love this episode and I hope my lessons learned become yours too!  

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Alvina's Journey


Miriam Ratu is the face and author behind Beyond the Pacific, a smart and savy online space that shares ideas one blog at a time! Her blog covers areas of business, law, lifestyle, love, fashion and travel and poetry.

Its not easy chasing your dreams but Miriam was on a mission to see her dreams fulfilled and Im so thankful that she has shared with us her journey, tips and advice on what she did to make her dreams come true.

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Miriam Ratu


Loren is married and the mother of 3 beautiful children, the Brisbane winner of the 2018 Cosmo Curve Model Search.The CEO of The Self Care School and has over 
13 thousand organic followers on Instagram. A masters degree in Human Rights but above all else she is a true reflection on what beauty looks like inside and out..

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Loren Burton



Pacific Island Food Revolution is a reality TV Cooking Competition hosted and created by celebrity chef Robert Oliver who is joined by 24 contestants from Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and Vanuatu. They are all competing to represent their country to become the first champion.  
In today’s episode I had a great conversation with Global Communications Director Faumuina Tafuna’i about the Food Revolution and how it all began, highlights while filming on location, how and why you should become a Food Warrior and so much more.

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Pacific Island Food Revolution


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